I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s world; your talents, desires, personality, aspirations, sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart. Because of this belief and my love for connecting people with information and resources that can improve their lives, I was called to create Embrace The Journey Wisdom™.

Hi, my name is Chanelle Carver and I created this blog as an outlet for activism, creative expression, questions, thoughts, musings, and insights about Life. Careers, climate change, family, wellness, politics, philanthropy, God and everything in between. Writing this blog is one way that I work to fulfill my life mission to help people heal, grow, and live their best life.

Posts may consist of articles, essays, photos, poetry, videos, announcements about products and services that I create, as well as reviews and promotions for other blogs, businesses and service providers who offer something of value to my readers. In some cases, I am an affiliate partner. Whenever you see #afflink, #ad or #sponsored written in a post, you'll know that means I may receive some form of commission if you choose to participate in that promotion, i.e. click the link and make a purchase. I only promote that which I have tried and/or researched and believe would be of great use and benefit to you. Writing is a passion of mine and I also use it to earn money for my coaching business.

Whatever the post du jour may be, my hope is that you walk away with another perspective and, just maybe, as you open up to new ways of thinking and being your life will change for the better.

Thanks for stopping by!